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Our History
DSC has been a leader in the transportation and staffing industries, supplying experienced, professional and DOT certified commercial drivers to manufacturers, distributors and motor carriers throughout the South.  Since 1995, we have been known as a respected leader in the transportation industry.  

Now, at the Dependable Source Corp Center for Community & Workforce Development, we are providing workforce solutions to the transportation industry by providing a set of interconnected solutions to meet the workforce needs of Mississippians.  

Training & Careers

DSC Training Academy recruits and trains individuals as professional commercial truck drivers.  DSC addresses both the needs of the transportation industry and the personal and professional needs of the student.  We accomplish this by providing a training program with high standards and professionalism that graduate prepared and qualified professional drivers.

Careers in Information Technology

Mississippi Coding Academy:  Jackson, Miss.] Mississippi Coding Academies and DSC Training Academy are pleased to announce their partnership on a new coding campus in South Jackson. The campus, located at 3906 I-55 South Frontage Road, is convenient to potential coders from South Jackson, Hinds County, and the Jackson Metro area's southern reaches.


Our goal is to reach high school graduates and other adult learners who are motivated to become coders and enter a high-tech career, making $40,000 or more per year to start. 

Empowering Women in the Workforce

DSC Women in Trades

DSC nontraditional employment for women prepares, trains, and places women in careers in the transportation, skilled construction industries and Coding helping women achieve economic security and a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Youth at Work

DSC Youth Leadership @ Work (YLW)

DSC Youth Leadership @ Work is designed to provide a comprehensive, high-quality Career

Exploration & Career preparatory education to youth ages 16-20.  The ultimate goals of DSC YLW are for participates to learn job skills and succeed in their chosen career field. DSC YLW provides a clear pathway to high wage careers in a variety of industries including transportation, construction trades and coding.

Connecting Community

Community Development - Resource Building

Please contact DSC to discuss how you or your organization may collaborate or support. 601-351-5858.  Contact: Mrs. Willie Jones

Connecting Employers

Employer Development- Job Placement

Please contact us for a list of our employer partners. 601-351-5858 or

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