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There are several initiatives in place to boost the participation of skilled workers in Mississippi's workforce. These initiatives aim to address the skills gap, provide training and education opportunities, and attract and retain skilled professionals in the state. Here are some of the key initiatives:

Training & Careers
Next Generation of Workforce Participants
Empowering Women in the Workforce

DSC Training Academy was established to provide a training program that better addresses the needs of the transportation industry and those personal and professional needs of the student. The founders of DSC Training Academy have over 35 years’ experience in the transportation industry. Its founding corporation Dependable Source Corp has been in the business of recruiting and employing drivers for the transportation industry since October 1995. This employee leasing company, which specialized in experienced, professional drivers, built an excellent reputation of employing dependable and professional drivers. The founders and staff of DSC Training Academy know the needs of transportation companies and what it takes to put together a dependable professional driving staff.

DSC NextGenTrucking: 

DSC Training Academy partners with lead industry professionals, schools, trucking professionals, industry carriers, dealers and allied sponsors who all share the common mission to promote trucking as a positive career choice.


One of our primary goals is to carve out career pathways for young people to get into the trucking industry.  Our goal is to help create a diverse, talented, and skilled workforce for the trucking industry.


DriveHer Career Training for Women

It is important for the trucking industry to actively recruit and support women drivers to ensure a more diverse, safe, and inclusive workforce. By doing so, the industry can address its driver shortage, welcome fresh perspectives, enhance safety, improve customer satisfaction, promote gender equality, and realize economic benefits.


Economic benefits: Bringing more women into the trucking industry can have positive economic impacts. tI can help bridge the gender pay gap by providing women with lucrative career opportunities and better financial stability. Additionally, increased diversity in the industry can contribute to improved overall productivity and competitiveness.


DSC Training Academy DriveHer program provides industry certified instruction, support services and mentoring that help women to be successful in non-traditional careers. During 2022-2023 training periods, DSC experienced women participation rates of 35% at its Jackson, MS campus.


There are various partnership and collaboration options available to foster cooperation and generate positive outcomes. These options enable organizations to pool resources, share expertise, and work together towards common goals.

Public-Private Partnerships: Public and private entities can collaborate to address shared challenges and leverage their respective strengths. These partnerships often involve joint investment, resource sharing, and the development of innovative solutions that benefit both parties and the wider community.

Academic-Industry Collaborations: Academic institutions can partner with businesses and industries to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. These collaborations include internships, apprenticeships and joint projects, enhancing innovation and preparing students for future careers.

Non-Profit Partnerships: Non-profit organizations can form partnerships to maximize their impact and expand
their reach. By collaborating with other non-profits, they can share best practices, coordinate efforts, and pool resources to address social issues more effectively.


How to become a Partner or Donor

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