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Reimagining Workforce

DSC seeks to empower individuals and communities with the workforce skills they need to effect change within their communities. These skills are often created through community, business and workforce collaborations working for a common agenda.


DSC Training Academy partners with lead industry professionals, schools, trucking professionals, industry carriers, dealers and allied sponsors who all share the common mission to promote trucking as a positive career choice.



  • $10,000           Industry Patron

  • $7,500             Education Partner

  • $5,000             Grand Patron

  • $2500              Workforce Supporter

  • $1000              Patron


Payment Options:;

Or mail payment to: P.O. Box 7272, Jackson, MS 39282. Dependable Source Corp Center for Community & Workforce Development is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Phone: 601-351-5858 or 601-259-6770

email: or

Our Initiatives


One of our primary goals is to carve out career pathways for young people to get into the trucking industry.  Our goal is to help create a diverse, talented, and skilled workforce for the trucking industry.



It is important for the trucking industry to actively recruit and support women drivers to ensure a more diverse, safe, and inclusive workforce. By doing so, the industry can address its driver shortage, welcome fresh perspectives, enhance safety, improve customer satisfaction, promote gender equality, and realize economic benefits.


These methods include expanding education, awareness, new workforce collaborations with schools, community, career development centers and local leadership.


This collaboration of programming and resources will help address the truck driver need in the market and the demand to train the future workforce in transportation. This program and its placement will provide efficiencies that allow students a quicker transition from classroom to career.  Timing is essential with the immediate need for qualified drivers. In our region, truck drivers are consistently in high demand. We have the interest from students, demand from local employers, and resources and partnerships to connect more students to employment. 


According to the American Trucking Association, to keep up with demand, the trucking industry needs to hire nearly 1.2 million drivers in 10 years, which could be challenging due to several key factors contributing to the shortage, including Aging drivers: On average, truck drivers tend to be in their late 40s to early 50s. Many of them are retiring or are preparing to leave the workforce. The DSC NextGen Trucking career program addresses these challenges by preparing high school seniors and graduates for higher paying jobs in transportation. 

Increasing the CDL pipeline is crucial to sustaining and improving our economy. This investment today will also give Mississippi employers a leg up in recruiting more individuals in our state who have a CDL and are workforce ready.


  • Four tractor-trailer combinations, equipped with modern electronic logging devices (ELDs), helping to expand our training capacity.

  • CDL Truck simulator providing students with the additional driving training in a safe nonthreatening environment reducing classroom to career time.

  • Instructor training for theory portion in-class or on-line, then students will be able to test on-site with the use of DSC Training Academy’s equipment for Class A and B certification.

  • DOT-approved training ranges in unserved and underserved areas.

  • Workforce training, industry certifications and career education for women



  • Listed as a partner on all websites, social media platforms & events.

  • Pipeline of trained drivers; Exposure with free job board postings, including recruitment opportunities

  • Priority in directing where we start high school programs.

  • Partnerships with CTE Schools

  • Focus on providing the trucking industry with a diverse and equitable workforce.

  • Gain a better understanding of young people in the industry and in your organization.

  • Industry representation to skilled trades education

  • Expand your professional network of peers, experts and providers.

  • Nationally Registered apprenticeship program


OFFICE: 601-351-5858 

CELL: 601-259-6770

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